The 7X Human Performance Project

We wanted to share some exciting news about a groundbreaking initiative called the 7X Human Performance Project that is happening right now. This project is aimed at exploring the limits of human performance by pushing the boundaries of what is possible in sports, medicine, and technology in order to benefit and help our military and first responders that suffer from PTSD. This has become an epidemic in our country. Thanks to former Navy SEAL sniper, Ryan “Birdman” Parrott, along with hand selected Special Operations Veterans they are breaking ground to help save our men and women that are suffering.

The 7X Human Performance Project is currently traveling the world with elite military veteran athletes and health professionals that will monitor each athlete as they push their bodies through unthinkable measures. In 7 days, 7 continents they will complete 7 skydives, 7 marathons and 7 swims in each country. The team already faced obstacles as their plans for Antarctica were changed due to weather but the team showed their abilities and quickly adapted. The current schedule for this amazing trek is:

  • Cape Town South Africa 2/17
  • Perth Australia 2/18
  • Dubai UAE 2/19
  • Cairo Egypt 2/20
  • London England 2/21
  • Cartagena Columbia 2/22
  • Dallas Texas 2/23

Our team is proud to announce that Patrick Burroughs, the husband of our team lead, has been appointed as the lead medic for this ambitious project. Patrick is a highly experienced and skilled paramedic who has been in the field of emergency medicine for over a decade. He currently serves as a firefighter paramedic for Palm Beach County Fire Rescue and has extensive experience working in high-stress and high-pressure environments. Patrick's expertise and dedication to his work make him the perfect fit for this challenging project.

The 7X Human Performance Project has a mission to push the limits of human performance through various activities and events. One of the most exciting aspects of the project is the participation of Katie Hernandez, a local veteran who will be running a mile in each continent in a bomb suit. This incredible feat is a testament to the courage and resilience of our veterans and their determination to overcome any obstacle.

The project aims to explore various factors that influence human performance, including nutrition, sleep, stress, and physical training. It will also incorporate cutting-edge technology and scientific research to optimize performance and improve recovery times. The data collected from this project will be used to develop new techniques and strategies for enhancing human performance in various fields.

We are excited to know such amazing individuals participating in this groundbreaking project and believe that it has the potential to make a significant impact on our understanding of human performance. We look forward to sharing updates on the project's progress and achievements.

Thank you for your time and interest in the 7X Human Performance Project. If you would like more information on this amazing foundations please visit their website

Here is Patrick Burroughs assisting local veteran get ready for her 1 mile run in South Africa.  That suit weighs 85lbs!!!!

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