Hurricane Ian, How do we prepare for the future?

Palm Beach County dodged another bullet but our fellow Floridians on the west coast were not so lucky.  The Lee and Charlotte counties are off the grid and unlivable.  The looming death count is gut wrenching as teams from local good samaritans, the cajun navy and government agencies are entering the worst hit areas.  Hurricane Ian made landfall just north of Fort Myers as a catastrophic catergory 4 hurricane, just shy of a category 5.  Ian had recorded winds up to 177mph in some ares, sustained winds of 130mph+ for over 8 hours with historic storm surges over 12 feet in some areas.  Fortuantely, thanks to the preparedness of our state under the powerful leadership of Governor Ron Desantis prepartions started last week and a state of emergency was declared before this storm fully developed.  There was over 2.5 million people that evacauated Tampa Bay and surrounding areas.  These residents prepared for the worst,  prayed for the best, grabbed their loved ones and drove off not knowing what they will return to in the following days.

This historic hurricane has changed the landscape of these towns and the lives of its residents forever.  In true Florida fashion I believe they will rebuild stronger than ever.  It is a strong reminder to have a hurricane preparedness plan for the safety of you and your family.  Here is a list of some of the top items to prepare.   In addition to these steps make sure you have current homeowners insurance on your home.  When purchasing a home this needs to be secured along with home protection such as hurricane proof windows or shutters.  The Burroughs Team is always here to help you with our trusted vendors and answer any questions.

Hurricane Preparedness Tips:

  • Emergency food & water supply.  Fill all bathtubs with water in case of loss of plumbing
  • Emergency medicine supply.  First aid kits.  OTC medications and other special medications.
  • Emergency supply of pet foods and medications (if you have pets)
  • Safety items and personal hygiene items.
  • Emergency bag in case of quick evacuation.  This should include all important personal documents.
  • Emergency power sources and extra batteries.
  • Radio in case of loss of wifi and cell phone services.
  • Of course if you ever find yourself in the path of a strong hurricane and your local or state authorities issue an evacuation, please do not take these lightly and LEAVE!

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